EaseUS NTFS for Mac

Reliable and fast NTFS driver. Free to edit, delete, write files on NTFS disks in Mac.

  • Enable write mode in 1-click.
  • Safely eject NTFS volumes without data loss.
  • Support latest M1 computer and macOS 12.0.

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Microsoft NTFS for Mac Software Free Download 2021 - EaseUS

Tracy King

Dec 03, 2021 to NTFS for Mac

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The NTFS file system is a Windows default format that Windows users can directly read, write, edit, format, and make changes to an NTFS drive. However, as Apple hasn't officially supported this file system, Mac computers can only read drives with this format. 

Read and Write NTFS on Mac

Can I use NTFS on Mac? Sure! Follow this page, you'll get a complete guide to download NTFS for Mac and use it enabling NTFS drive writable on Mac with ease. Let's see the details.

  Step-by-step Troubleshooting
1. NTFS for Mac Free Download For famed Microsoft NTFS for Mac software, Paragon NTFS for Mac...Full steps
2. How to Use NTFS for Mac Software Launch and activate EaseUS NTFS for Mac. Click "I already have a license"...Full steps

What Is NTFS for Mac Software

To make full use of the NTFS drive on macOS devices, you'll need to add an NTFS driver to the computer so as to read and write NT file system formatted drives or external disks. This is why the NTFS for Mac software comes out.

According to some Mac users, manually adding an NTFS driver is far more complex than using NTFS for Mac software. Also, some of them reply that some NTFS drivers caused errors on their computers.

NTFS for Mac software specializes in adding a secure NTFS driver to your Mac computer, enabling read and write support to macOS and Mac OS X to NTFS formatted disk. 

How Much Does NTFS for Mac Software Cost

According to on sale NTFS for Mac software, the basic price of NTFS for Mac software is around $0 - $30. According to different software providers, the prices can be different.

Here is a price list of the most on sale NTFS for Mac software:

  • Paragon NTFS for Mac: $19.95
  • Tuxera NTFS for Mac: $15
  • iBoysoft NTFS for Mac: $19.95
  • EaseUS NTFS for Mac: $14.95 

Some providers claim that their services for NTFS for Mac software are free and workable. However, some Mac users reply that the so-called free NTFS for Mac software is not helpful at all. Some even caused further issues on their computers. 

So how to get a trustworthy NTFS for Mac software to make use of an NTFS drive on Mac and Windows computers? Follow the guide below, you'll be able to download a reliable NTFS for Mac software for help.

Microsoft NTFS for Mac Software Free Download 2021

According to the price list of NTFS for Mac software, it's clear that the average price of Microsoft NTFS for Mac software is not expensive. But which software is the easiest to try?

  • For famed Microsoft NTFS for Mac software, Paragon NTFS for Mac shall stand out with its years' experience in providing NTFS write service to macOS and Mac OS X devices. 
  • For the easiest and reliable Microsoft NTFS for Mac software, you can't miss the newly developed EaseUS NTFS for Mac. 

EaseUS NTFS for Mac enables all levels of Mac users to add read and write support to their computers in only 1 click without rebooting the computer. 

What's more, it's 100% free within 7 days if you download this software and place an order right now. How to get it? Click the download button or 7-Day trial button to get it for free now:

How to Use EaseUS NTFS for Mac Monterey, Catalina, Big Sur

Let's see how to use EaseUS NTFS for Mac to enable NTFS drive on Mac computer for free now. 

Step 1. Launch and activate EaseUS NTFS for Mac. Click "I already have a license" to unlock this software.

Activate EaseUS NTFS for Mac

Step 2. Connect an NTFS drive to Mac, EaseUS NTFS for Mac will automatically detect the device. Select your drive and you'll see it's now marked as 'Read-only". Click "Enable Writable" to add read and write rights to the drive.

enable writable write to NTFS drive

Step 3. When the state of NTFS drives turns into "Writable", click "Open". NTFS for Mac will open the NTFS drive on Mac.

Make changes to saved files on NTFS drive

Step 4. Now, you can check, read, write, and even modify saved data on the NTFS device.

Read,write, open, and modify files on NTFS drives

What Else Can EaseUS NTFS for Mac Do for You

Besides enabling NTFS drive readable and writable on Mac computer, EaseUS NTFS for Mac can also do the listed job here to help you better manage your disks on Mac computer:

Sometimes, when you can't format an external hard drive, one of the main reasons could be the NTFS format file system support issue on Mac computers. In this case, you can first turn to EaseUS NTFS for Mac to enable the drive, and backup all essential data. Then format the drive to a Mac-supported format.

If you are looking for a reliable NTFS for Mac software on Mac, EaseUS NTFS for Mac is here for you to free download and try.