EaseUS DupFiles Cleaner

Duplicate File
Finder & Remover

Duplicate documents, videos, images, audio, archives, and other files eat the disk space of your computer. With this file finder, all matched files can be scanned and located, no matter how massive it is. Just choose the target hard drive or folders, and let it search the paired duplicates for you. Then, check the results and hand-mark the files to delete, or better — let Smart Selection do all the work.

Local Cloud Drives
Duplicates Finder

Cloud drives are a convenient way to store and access files from anywhere, but they can quickly become cluttered with duplicate files. With its advanced scanning algorithms, it can quickly identify duplicate files across local drives, including Google Drive, OneDrive and Dropbox. Optimizing cloud storage space, improving syncing performance and organizing cloud files are now made easy.

Similar Photo
Finder & Cleaner

Same as duplicates, similars are also wasting the disk space for your PC. Now, you can not only find duplicate files but also find similar images from your PC. It detects photos that look alike, list them as a group, auto-marks the best, and delete those you don't need, so that you can get more free space on your hard drive or external hard drive, like SD card, USB flash drive, and network drives.


Find & Remove Duplicate
Files or Similars on
Windows 7/8/10/11

Since duplicates and similars takes up too much space for internal or external hard drives, EaseUS duplicate cleaner helps you identify and delete duplicate files to free up disk space, well-organize the file collection, as well as make your PC run faster. You have full control to choose which file to remove or keep.

  • Tidy Up Photo Collections

    Find the identical or similar images by selecting minimum photos size and similarity threshold as you like. This photo similar remover picks the similars and duplicates.

  • Sort Out Videos and Movies

    Videos and movies take more storage. It's a piece of cake to sort out the paired videos easily with a duplicate music finder. Just select the unnecessary ones.

  • Find Duplicate Music & Audio

    It can never be complicated to search and erase duplicate music or audio files with duplicate music cleaner. Scan the music duplicates, and pick the targets to delete.

  • Spot Similar Docs from Folders

    Similars and duplicates are wasters. With this duplicate finder, you can spot files that are similar, get the location, preview how they differ, and delete the files.

  • Detect and Remove Zip Files

    A zip file is a compressed version of a larger file or folder, and you may want to save more space when you do it like that. You can get similars like zip, rar, etc.

  • Dig Out Unwanted System Files

    Apart from images, videos, music, documents, and archives, it scans files from system drives. If it detects the similarities or duplicates, it gives you a list for that.

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Why Choose EaseUS Duplicate Cleaner?

Choose the Best Duplicate Finder Plan to Delete Duplicates

EaseUS Duplicate Cleaner is an easy-to-use software designed to help free up valuable storage space on computer by identifying and eliminating duplicate files and images. You can quickly scan and remove duplicate files and images with just a few clicks.


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Free Download Duplicate Cleaner to Remove Duplicate Files

Step 1: Choose to Scan Photos or Files

Select to scan duplicate photos or files to move forward.

Step 2: Select Folders/Disk to Scan

Click to select one or more folders or hard drives to search the duplicated files.

Step 3: Scan for Duplicates or Similars

Click "Scan" to start searching for the matched files.

Step 4: Remove Duplicate Files

Preview and pick the target files to remove, or choose "Auto Remove" to auto remove files.

Learn More about EaseUS Duplicate Cleaner

Type of Files Supported
Tech Specs
What's the best duplicate file cleaner for me to clean up duplicate files?

The best duplicate file cleaner should be able to help you find, compare and remove all kinds of duplicated files, including documents, photos and videos from multiple locations. Depend on your specific needs and preferences, we suggest the following five popular and effective duplicate file cleaners that you can try:

EaseUS DupFiles Cleaner

Auslogics Duplicate File Finder

Ashisoft Duplicate File Finder

Easy Duplicate Finder

Fast Duplicate File Finder

Do you know how to safely delete duplicate files on my computer without making a mistake?

Step 1. Back up your files to an external hard drive or cloud storage service.

Step 2. Download a reliable duplicate file cleaner that has good reviews and prompt customer service. E.g. EaseUS Dupfiles Cleaner

Step 3. Run software to scan your computer for duplicates, preview files before deleting, and finally choose which duplicates to delete.

What's the easiest duplicate file remover app in Windows 10?

To be frank, most third-party duplicate file remover apps are designed to ease the process of scanning duplicates, and providing users with access to delete the unwanted files. If you prefer a user-friendly duplicated file cleaning software on Windows, EaseUS DupFiles Cleaner is the ideal option; and for macOS, Gemini 2 is the easiest app for beginners.

Does Windows 10 have a duplicate photos finder?

No, Windows 10 doesn't have any inbuilt duplicate photos finder to automatically remove duplicates. To get rid of duplicate photos on Windows PC or laptop, you can start with the Pictures folder which is set store your downloaded photos by defult. However, manual work is always tedious and incomplete, it's best to professional duplicate photos cleaning software like EaseUS DupFiles Cleaner.

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