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Keep your computer and its accessories running smoothly.
Try EaseUS DriverHandy to easily scan, update, and fix your PC’s drivers.

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Automatically scans over 5 million drivers to find the right ones for your device

Driver Updater detects old, corrupt, missing, or outdated drivers, fixes bugs and vulnerabilities.
100% compatible with Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7/XP/Vista, Windows Server

All our drivers are certified

EaseUS DriverHandy promises that ALL drivers provided are derived directly from your hardware manufacturers, certificated by Microsoft’s rigorous Windows Hardware Quality Labs (WHQL) testing process.

Furthermore, we employ a strict testing process to ensure they’re safe, stable, robust, up-to-date, and compatible with Windows and all the most popular combinations of hardware and software.

Vulnerable drivers are a significant security risk

Drivers are programs and programs can sometimes be faulty or contain security gaps. These gaps can be exploited by attackers to access your data or make changes to your operating system. Driver Updater scans for weaknesses, identifies outdated or broken drivers, and notifies users as soon as a secure update is available.

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70% less crashing and freezing

Easily improve your PC’s performance. Faulty and old drivers are the top cause of crashes, freezes, and bluescreens. EaseUS DriverHandy finds the latest driver versions for maximum stability with fewer bugs, connection problems, mouse or printer issues.

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Get significantly sharper graphics & Peak Gaming Experience

Update graphics drivers to boost performance and enjoy crisper images in games, Virtual Reality, multimedia apps, streaming, and media editing. It ensures stable hardware performance and fixes errors quickly once they occur when you are playing games.

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Quickly fix sound, printer, and network issues

No sound coming from your speakers? Wi-Fi constantly dropping? Printer suddenly not working? EaseUS DriverHandy eliminates these interruptions.

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EaseUS DriverHandy

Key Features of EaseUS DriverHandy

EaseUS DriverHandy has more than 5000,000 driver packages, which support 1,000,000 kinds of hardware devices including Motherboard, Audio card, Display card, Network card, USB WLAN card, etc. from all brands.

All-in-one Windows Driver Manager

Manually finding a correct driver for a computer hardware or a device is not easy. If there is a professional Windows driver download and update utility, that's a boon.

Backup drivers

Find out the drivers that need to be backed up and backup them in a very short time. All backed-up files are automatically saved in your computer - this can help you restore the deleted/lost drivers from the backup to avoid driver-related issues.

Uninstall drivers

EaseUS DriverHandy is quite professional to uninstall drivers totally and clearly without residual files, which is very helpful for you to install new drivers successfully.

Restore drivers from backup

You can instantly find backup drivers for computer hardware and other devices, especially when the drivers are damaged or missing. This helps to fix driver issues without Internet connection.

EaseUS DriverHandy

Why Choose US?


EaseUS DriverHandy doesn't create drivers, but helps to find drivers from manufacturers and Microsoft with high-tech. No ads, no pop-ups, no spy, and no virus.


With 10X faster speed to check driver problems, download & install drivers, and update drivers. It's always workable to fix all the driver-related issues on computer.

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