EaseUS Dupfiles Cleaner

Simple and delicate software that finds and cleans the duplicate files in your computer in one click.

  • Find and delete duplicate files, photos, audios, and videos.
  • Safely clean up duplicate files and save computer space.
  • Quick scan and clean to help speed up your PC's performance.

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8 Selected CCleaner Alternatives for Windows 10/11 [Free Download]


May 10, 2024 | Home > EaseUS Dupfiles Cleaner

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CCleaner has been around since 2004, boasting over 5 million users. The app garnered its reputation for being easy to use and a solid free version. Also, the professional version is priced reasonably. However, the app has some flaws. When many modern software tools are revolutionizing the space, we will see the best CCleaner alternatives to keep your hard drives and system clean in this post.

ccleaner alternatives

The Best CCleaner Alternatives - EaseUS DupFiles Cleaner

Besides being easy to use, CCleaner is straightforward with what the program is doing. It will indicate clearly what is being deleted, the amount of space the hard drive is about to gain, and what types of files are being deleted. This makes an enormous difference as we can cross-check for essential files.

But, with time, many new apps with better features have emerged. One such tool is EaseUS DupFiles Cleaner. DupFiles Cleaner is a PC optimization software. The software will scan your entire system for duplicate files and automatically remove them.

If your PC needs more performance due to cluttered space, you can scan the folders and hard drives for duplicates and get rid of them. Additionally, you can even clear your cloud and NAS storage. You can clear all unnecessary files on your storage with just three clicks and optimize the PC.

How to Choose a CCleaner Alternative for Your Computer?

Choosing a good CCleaner alternative is essential. If you frequently deal with files, ensure the disk is clean to run the PC optimally. Here are some of the parameters you should focus on before selecting a CCleaner alternative:

  • 📚System Compatibility: Now, most Windows PCs run Windows 10 or 11. You need to check the system compatibility before buying disk cleaning software.
  • 🔖Ease of use: The software should be easy to navigate and perform the functions correctly upon execution.
  • ⌛Scanning Speed: Select a tool that mixes quick scanning speed and accurate duplicate file detection.
  • ⏰Permanently delete duplicate files: Best disk cleaning software deletes the duplicate files permanently, leaving no chance to recover them.

Top 8 CCleaner Alternatives to Remove Duplicate Files

The list includes the top 8 tools in the current market to be the best CCleaner alternative. Get into the details and choose what suits you best.

1. EaseUS DupFiles Cleaner

It is simple software packed with excellent features to clean and optimize your storage. From duplicates in folders and systems to cloud storage, you can free up disk space and improve performance. You can apply advanced algorithms and similarity thresholds to filter unwanted files and save your disk space accurately.

easeus dupfiles cleaner

Compatibility: Windows 7/8/10/11

Price: Free and paid version.

Most suitable for: people who wish to detect and delete duplicate files automatically.

Main Features:

Review: A leading software company in data backup, disk cleanup, PC optimization, and disk management. Known for its focus on data security and the best user experience in the field. - Trustpilot.

2. Disk Cleanup

Disk Cleanup is a Windows-exclusive software intended to detect and delete useless files. This Windows software concentrates on the C drive and scans for duplicates and faulty files. Cleanup comes with an intuitive interface and helps you achieve faster computing speed. It enables you to customize cleaning options to recover essential files if deleted accidentally.

disk cleanup

Compatibility: Windows 7/8/10/11

Price: Free.

Most suitable for: people who wish to scan for junk files or temporary files on Windows. 

Main Features:

  • Offers Registry scan to fix and clean lost, redundant, corrupted, and unused files.
  • It cleans the privacy file on your browser to help you browse the web safely.
  • It allows you to customize scanning options to find similar and duplicate files.
  • You can schedule the cleaning task daily, weekly, or monthly to automate the process.

Review: Basic Windows utility to clean or move unwanted files to other drives. - CNET.

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3. WizTree

WizTree is a prominent disk space analyzer to clean up the disk space. With accurate comparison methods, the software efficiently analyses hard-linked files and reports the allocated space. The visual tree features of WizTree visually display the sizes of all files to locate large files and folders. The software is way faster in comparison to its competitors.


Compatibility: Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP, Server (2003 and later).

Price: Free for personal use, and premium starts from $25.

Most suitable for: people needing quick scanning speed and visual representation of deleted files.

Main Features:

  • Visually represents the data to locate large files and folders,
  • Wiztree reads the Master File Table (MFT) directly from the disk in NTFS formatted drives to improve the scanning speed.
  • Applies modern programs to read and scan files for duplicates.
  • Free for personal use.

Review: It Identifies the data vacuums on your hard drive with pinpoint precision. - AlternativeTo.

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4. BleachBit

BleachBit is a highly recommended CCleaner alternative. It is open-source and free. You can delete private, junk, and duplicate files on your Windows PC. You can use this on Linux, too. What is excellent is the app's command-line interface support. You can use it for scripting and automation to write your cleaning software using XML.


Compatibility: Windows, Linux, macOS.

Price: Free.

Most suitable for: people looking for freemium software with disk cleaning abilities.

Main Features:

  • It requires no installation and can be used from a USB stick or something similar with no installation.
  • Supports over 64 languages.
  • You can shred unnecessary files and overwrite free space on your disk.
  • You can delete private files.
  • It allows you to write your cleaning software using CLI.

Review: BleachBit offers free, comprehensive disk cleaning and privacy protection. - PCWorld.

5. Glary Utilities

Glary Utilities is an excellent alternative to CCleaner for Windows PCs. You can check the Clean Up & Repair section with a pretty interface to optimize your PC. It allows you to search the disk and registry. The system tools provide you with more options to manage the system's registry and system restore.

glary utilities

Compatibility: Windows 11, 10, 8, 8.1, 7, Vista, and XP, both 32-bit and 64-bit versions.

Price: Free version and paid version start at $39.95 per year.

Most suitable for: people looking for a tool with PC optimization, system repairs, and managing system restore.

Main Features:

  • Features a large number of tools in one package.
  • Simple and intuitive user interface.
  • Excellent privacy protection features in both online and offline departments.
  • System Tools allows you to optimize the registry and perform a system restore.

Review: As an entire suite of excellent tools, Glary Utilities is a great maintenance software for any office PC - TechRadar.

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6. Fortect

Fortech is a powerful and comprehensive disk-cleaning tool. The UI is modern and intuitive. You will have separate sections for junk files, registry cleaning, and program repairs. You can also clean duplicate files and secure your system with privacy and security features. If you frequently work with office apps, Fortect has unique features to remove traces of them in the system.


Compatibility: Windows 7 and above.

Price: Offers a free version, and the Pro starts from $33.50.

Most suitable for: disk cleanup, system repair, and malware protection.

Main Features:

  • Excellent programs to identify and fix the system issues.
  • Allows you to keep your office documents safe from unauthorized access. 
  • Fast and accurate scanning for folders, registry, and junk files.
  • Improves your security and browser performance along with PC.

Review: Fortect helps secure and optimize your PC performance for an affordable price with free and paid versions.- TechRadar.

7. CleanMaster

CleanMaster is costly software, but its features pack a punch. You can scan for unnecessary files, clean junk files, shred confidential files on the PC, etc. Additionally, you can update the drivers and recover the lost files. There are a lot of features to automate the process and monitor for duplicate files in real time. The app focuses more on business users, so the process may seem expensive.

clean master

Compatibility: Windows 7/XP/8/10/11.

Price: Free and paid version with $29.90 per year.

Most suitable for: people who clean the PC and need features like driver updates and file recovery.

Main Features:

  • Auto-clean the junk files and duplicates.
  • Optimizes the PC to a great extent with accurate algorithms.
  • Update the drivers and recover lost files in case of accidental deletions.
  • It helps you shred confidential files and clean the browser history.

Review: A great tool to optimize the PC, but consumes more power when runs in the background.- G2.

8. Microsoft PC Manager

PC Manager is a Microsoft proprietary software that cleans your PC, optimizes performance, manages storage, and more. You can clean up the system, free up the Windows storage, and perform health checkups to fix the issues. Additionally, you will get pop-up management to enjoy an uninterrupted computer experience.

pc manager

Compatibility: Windows 10/11

Price: Free.

Most suitable for: basic disk cleaning needs.

Main Features:

  • Pop-up management to reduce ads and pop-ups.
  • Perform frequent health checkups to find and fix issues.
  • Manage your storage and do spring cleaning for large files.
  • Use a toolbox and mini toolbar to enhance the computer's efficiency.

Review: It does the basic job well, but falls behind compared to the dedicated disk cleaning software.- Microsoft Apps.

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Final Recap

Disk cleaners and duplicate file finders help you improve your PC performance to a great extent. While CCleaner is still relevant, many CCleaner alternatives have better features. The post details 8 CCleaner alternatives with prominent features. Choose the one based on the requirements and pricing.

Choosing one from eight options can still be confusing, but you must be clear about what you want. First, the tool should be able to delete the duplicates accurately from PC and cloud storage. You should have flexible scanning options and algorithms to scan files.

EaseUS DupFiles Cleaner is the best tool for removing duplicate files on your PC. From photos, videos, and files to everything, you can scan your PC with advanced algorithms and automatically remove files to improve storage and performance.

FAQs Related to CCleaner Alternatives

1. What is the best CCleaner alternative?

EaseUS DupFiles Cleaner is the best CCleaner alternative. With separate scanning programs for photos and files, you can accurately detect and delete redundant files. It allows scanning folders, systems, cloud, and NAS storage.

2. Is it safe to use CCleaner again?

Yes, CCleaner is safe to use as of now. However, the software has encountered some security concerns since Avast's acquisition.

3. Can CCleaner permanently delete files?

Yes, CCleaner provides a Drive Wiper feature, which securely erases the data and overwrites the space to make sure the data is unrecoverable.