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Simple and delicate software that finds and cleans the duplicate files in your computer in one click.

  • Find and delete duplicate files, photos, audios, and videos.
  • Safely clean up duplicate files and save computer space.
  • Quick scan and clean to help speed up your PC's performance.

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How to Mass Find and Delete Duplicate Files in OneDrive


Mar 21, 2024 | Home > EaseUS Dupfiles Cleaner

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This guide from EaseUS Toolbox will show you how to quickly find and delete duplicate files on OneDrive, both in an automatic way and in manual ways. keep reading and pick one method for you.

remove duplicate files on onedrive

Case: Want to Delete Duplicate Files on OneDrive

I use OneDrive to store and back up my pictures to the cloud. But recently, it keeps reminding me to upgrade to a paid plan for more storage. I found that there are many duplicate images since some are the original pictures and some are backup copies. I want to clear these duplicate photos and free more storage for other images. Do you have any suggestions?

Do you have the same problem? OneDrive is a well-known and widely-used cloud storage that offers 5GB of free cloud storage. Users often use it to store their photos, videos, documents, work files, etc.

However, with continuous use, many duplicate files are saved on OneDrive, which exist due to backup copies, sync errors, upload problems, multi-device saves, computer issues, etc. To free up more space, you can find and delete these duplicate files in OneDrive. How to do it? We will cover three methods in the following content.

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The Best Way to Find and Remove Duplicate Files in OneDrive

If you are seeking an easy and time-saving method to remove duplicate files in OneDrive in bulk, EaseUS DupFiles Cleaner is the perfect choice. It is an excellent Windows and macOS duplicate file cleaning software that can automatically scan the whole computer and easily find duplicate files and photos. Additionally, it can detect and delete duplicate photos and files on OneDrive, USB drives, SD cards, etc.

Supported by advanced technology, it allows you to choose and delete duplicate files in one click. The software can detect all matched files according to the minimum file size, comparison method, file protection, and file date

🔖Features of EaseUS DupFiles Cleaner:

  • Simple UI design, easy to use and operate
  • Automatically detect duplicate files on PC, OneDrive, USB, external hard drive, SD card, etc.
  • Detect duplicate photos, videos, documents, etc.
  • Intelligently display and choose duplicate files with one click
  • Remove duplicate files in bulk
  • Customize and selectively delete duplicate files manually
  • Supports both Windows and macOS

Follow the steps below to detect and remove duplicate files from OneDrive. Note that while specifying the folder you want to search for similar files, click here to choose OneDrive.

Step 1. Launch EaseUS DupFiles Cleaner and select Files to find duplicate and similar files.

select files

Step 2. You can customize the specific file or folder by clicking Here, or let the software Scan whole computer automatically.

scan whole computer

Step 3. Click Options button to customize your filter criteria, including minimum file size, comparison method, file protection, and file date. When set down, click Yes.


Step 4. Tap Scan button to start finding duplicate files. It may take some time if you have multiple unnecessay duplicate files and folders.

scan process

Step 5. When it finishes scanning, you can see the duplicated files are displayed in a list. Choose Auto Rmove(remove these duplicate files intelligently, just keep one original copy) or View Details to delete file selectively. 

duplcate files results

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Manual Ways to Find and Delete Duplicate Files in OneDrive

If the duplicate files are limited, and you have enough time to deal with the issue, you can choose the manual method we explained below to delete duplicate files within OneDrive.

Note that if you use a manual method, you may not clear all duplicate items, which is a little time-consuming compared to professional software.

Way 1. Search for Duplicate Files by Name or Size

Theoretically, the duplicate files have identical names and sizes. So you can find them according to name in alphabetical order or compare their sizes. Here are the steps to do it.

  • 📒Find duplicate files by name

Launch OneDrive > Log into your account > Open the folder that you want to delete duplicate files > Right-click on a blank place > Sort by > Name.

name or size

Then, all the files' names will be ranked alphabetically from A to Z. Check for the same names (Some names are followed by "Copy") and delete these duplicate ones in bulk. 

  • 📚Find duplicate files by size

Launch OneDrive > Log into your account > Open the folder that you want to delete duplicate files > Right-click on a blank place > Sort by > Size.

Compare the contents of files with the same file size. If the content is consistent, these duplicate files can be removed.

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Way 2. Delete Duplicate Files with OneDrive Manage Storage

You can also use OneDrive's online version to find and clear duplicate files with its Manage Storage feature. Here are the steps.

  • Open OneDrive on the website and sign in to your account.
  • Click Files > Settings > Manage Storage.
  • Click on the Find and remove duplicate files option, and OneDrive will detect all duplicate files.
  • All duplicate files will be displayed in a list when scanning is complete.
  • Select and check these files and click Delete.

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The Final Words

This is all about how to find and delete duplicate files in OneDrive. We have covered three available methods to help you scan and remove duplicate files. They are all effective in freeing up more storage and reducing space waste.

EaseUS DupFiles Cleaner is the top choice for automatically finding and deleting duplicate files on Windows computers, OneDreive, SD cards, or external devices. With it, you don't need to manage your files manually, which you should never miss.

FAQs Related to Deleting Duplicate Files on OneDrive

1. Does OneDrive have a duplicate file finder?

OneDrive online version allows you to find and delete duplicate files through the Manage Storage feature: Files > Settings > Manage Storage > Find and remove duplicate files.

2. Why are there duplicate files in OneDrive?

Duplicate files in OneDrive can occur for many reasons, including accidental file copies, syncing issues, multiple device uploads, or user errors. Additionally, when files are shared or saved in different folders, it can result in duplicate files within the OneDrive storage.

3. Is it safe to delete duplicate files on Windows?

Yes, it is generally safe to delete duplicate files on Windows as long as you are certain that they are indeed duplicates and are not needed by any programs or system files. Using a reliable duplicate file finder tool for this purpose is recommended, such as EaseUS DupFiles Cleaner.