EaseUS Dupfiles Cleaner

Simple and delicate software that finds and cleans the duplicate files in your computer in one click.

  • Find and delete duplicate files, photos, audios, and videos.
  • Safely clean up duplicate files and save computer space.
  • Quick scan and clean to help speed up your PC's performance.

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Perfectly Solved! How to Find Duplicate Files Across Multiple Drives


Mar 21, 2024 | Home > EaseUS Dupfiles Cleaner

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Handling multiple drives simultaneously is not the most straightforward job, especially if you are overloaded with data on all of them. Finding duplicate files across all of them is even more challenging, and it requires plenty of time and energy, which not everyone has.

find duplicate files

If you are looking for the easiest way to spot all the duplicate files and delete them on multiple drives at the same time, we've got you covered. Let's take a look!

How to Identify Duplicate Files Across Multiple Drives

Duplicate files appear all the time on our devices, and even though some are completely the same in content, size, and image, there are always some files that have the same name but are entirely different. You know, like New Folder (7), for example.

Handling duplicate files can be pretty time-consuming, especially if you don't have only drives, but also different devices to think about! And who can remember the names of all of them? I know I can't.

If you want to get rid of duplicate files across all of your drives and you want to find the easiest and fastest way, we can help you out with it. You will no longer have to spend hours looking for duplicate files and trying to delete those that are useless because there are ways you can identify them and get rid of them.

Let's take a look at the 2 most popular options and what are the pros and cons of both. This will give you enough information to decide which is better for you.

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Understanding Different Ways to Find Duplicate Files

As we previously said, there are two main ways you can find duplicate files – by manual search or through an exact file finder software, and which one you will choose is up to you.

These are some pros and cons of both of these options which can help you decide.

Manual searching


  • Manual search can be really good if you know or think that you know where the duplicate file might be. You just open a file and if the duplicate is there - delete it. As simple as that!
  • If it is not where you thought it is, you can also just type the name of the file you have saved it under and your PC will find it for you.


  • Sadly, we don't always know where to search or under what name we saved a certain file, so going through ALL of the content on our PCs in the search of a single file would be madness.
  • It would take up a lot of your time, maybe even days, and chances are that you would get lost, forget where you looked, and in the end, probably never find it. 

Duplicate File Finder Software


  • With software made to find those nasty duplicate files, you won't have to think about the name of the file or its location at all.
  • With one click, good software will find all of your duplicate files immediately and you will be able to delete them and free up the space on your PC. 
  • One click is all it takes!


  • The only con about this method is that you would have to pay for good software.
  • As you can see, you can always choose between different options, but it is pretty apparent which one gives better results and can solve your problems within seconds, without requiring any effort.

How to Use Specialized Software to Detect and Delete Duplicates on Multiple Drives

Specialized software is the best option for all people struggling with storage and data, especially if they are looking for a way to detect and delete duplicates across multiple drives. It works better and smarter, and it can provide you with results within seconds, without requiring you to take any more steps or put in the effort.

The EaseUS DupFiles Cleaner is one of the best-specialized software options on the market that will help you handle as many drives as you need – it is fast, efficient, and precise. Once you activate it, it will scan all the folders and directories on your device and notify you about all the duplicate files – after that, you will be able to decide whether you want to delete them or keep them. With this software, you will also be notified in the future whenever a duplicate file appears, and it will keep the battery health of your device in the perfect place.

Your storage will also be free of all useless files, and the software will notify you every time there may be a potential problem and provide you with different solutions. The whole system will allow your devices to work smoothly, and with its features, you will be able to perform the search through all of your drives simultaneously.

This is one of the most successful and most helpful software options when it comes to this, and it allows you to control multiple drives with just a few clicks. It also allows you to choose which drive is the main one and where most of your files will be kept, guaranteeing control over the whole storage.Since it is something you wouldn't be able to do manually, I highly recommend this tool to everyone struggling to keep all of its devices working perfectly.

You can follow the steps below to use it to find and remove the duplicate files:

Step 1. Open EaseUS Dupfiles Cleaner and click Scan Now to start cleaning. EaseUS Dupfiles Cleaner will automatically select all data in all partitions. You can delete partitions you don't want to clean up by pressing the "-" sign in Scan Folders and choose the file types in Filename Pattern.

delete duplicate data step 1

* You can click Advanced to customize the scan, and the system will turn on file protection mode by default. 

Step 2. The scanning process begins, please wait patiently. The time depends on how many files you have to scan.

delete duplicate data step 2

Step 3. After the scan is completed, you can click Auto Remove to achieve a one-click cleanup. 

delete duplicate data step 3

Step 4. If you still have some concerns, you can choose to click View Details to have a check.

* You can click Smart Selections to further check which type of files you need to clean up and if you cannot identify the content from the file name, you can directly click the file name in the upper right corner to preview it.

delete duplicate data step 4


As you can see, controlling duplicate files across multiple is not an easy task, and although you can do everything manually and spend hours managing your drives, there are some far better options. Specialized software like EaseUS DupFiles Cleaner is one of them, and it is the best option for all individuals trying to keep track of multiple drives and devices. It is fast, smooth, and solves all of your problems within seconds, so it is undoubtedly a far better option if you want to save some time and energy and still do the work.