EaseUS NTFS for Mac

EaseUS NTFS for Mac Cataline/Big Sur and M1 Full Version Free Download with Serial Key

For your Mac, it is risky to take a crack version for NTFS drive to manage your important files. So, to protect Mac's health and data safety, we recommend the copyrighted version of EaseUS NTFS for Mac.


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Updated by Tracy King on Dec 19, 2023
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Overview of NTFS for Mac Crack (Not Recommend)

When we type NTFS for Mac crack on the internet, you can see a lot of websites with official-like pages and detailed steps, sometimes its version message is updated faster than the official website, to seduce users download the crack NTFS reader/mounter. We know that many users are prone to find a cracked version of some hit NTFS software, like Paragon NTFS for Mac and Tuxera NTFS for Mac. Is it safe to download such a tool?

The cracked version saved us money, but the version itself had huge pitfalls. Take a look at the hidden risks.

Risk of Using NTFS for Mac Crack Version

1. Data Corruption - The cracked version will damage your hard drive, and your important files and folder stored on the device will lose. You have to apply a mac data recovery software to get data back.

2. Virus Attack - The download file is often embedded with harassment ads and unknown viruses. Your Mac computer may turn vulnerable to danger due to malware problems.

3. Running Issue - Not stable. The common fixed methods are not available on the cracked version. No update prompts and tech support.

4. Personal Privacy - Using the cracked version might cause personal info loss.

When it comes to Halloween, Christmas, and Black Friday, you can get a discount from the website, it would be better to protect your Mac device and personal files. In the next part, we will recommend a cost-effective product for you.

Reliable NTFS for Mac Full Version Free Download with Serial Key

Speaking of the NTFS reader for Mac free software, the tool we introduce on this part might become your cup of tea. EaseUS NTFS for Mac is user-friendly software to enable read and write to the Windows formatted volume hard drive, external hard disk, SSD, USB drive, Thunderbolt drive, SD card, CF card, etc. When it recognizes your NTFS drive, your drive will automatically mount your drive, you can check to enable the targeted drive from Mac's status bar. One-click to reach read-write support, then you are free to edit, copy, delete, transfer, read, and write files without any disk errors.

More salient features:

  • Safely eject NTFS drive from Mac computer - Force eject will lead to data loss.
  • Enjoy the fast speed - no need to wait for a long time about saving files between your external hard drive and Mac.
  • Apple Silicon M1 support - Compatible with M1-based Mac devices.
  • Support macOS Big Sur 11~ macOS Sierra 10.12.

Next, check one way to get the serial key and start to get write access to NTFS volumes.

How to Get 7 Days Free Trial

Get a free download of EaseUS NTFS for Mac.

In the software:

Step 1. Click the Download button. Run the software and click the Activate button.

Step 2. Type your info and you will get a serial key.

On the article page:

Directly click the "7-Day Free Trial" and input your address and other necessary info.

How to Use EaseUS NTFS for Mac

Take the "Enable Writable" function as an example:

Step 1. Launch and activate EaseUS NTFS for Mac. Click "I already have a license" to unlock this software.

Activate EaseUS NTFS for Mac

Step 2. Connect an NTFS drive to Mac, EaseUS NTFS for Mac will automatically detect the device. Select your drive and you'll see it's now marked as 'Read-only". Click "Enable Writable" to add read and write rights to the drive.

enable writable write to NTFS drive

Step 3. When the state of NTFS drives turns into "Writable".

Make changes to saved files on NTFS drive

Step 4. EaseUS NTFS for Mac will pops up a window to help Mac get access to the NTFS drive:

  1. 1. Select "Full Disk Access", click the Lock icon and enter admin password to unlock it.
  2. 2. Select the two icons of NTFS for Mac.
  3. 3. Drag them to the "Full Disk Access" list.
  4. 4. Click " Quit & Restore" to re-launch EaseUS NTFS for Mac.
Gain NTFS access

Step 5. When EaseUS NTFS for Mac restarts, you can then open to check, read, write, and even modify saved data on the NTFS device.

Read,write, open, and modify files on NTFS drives

Extra Tip: Third-Party NTFS for Mac Crack Alternative 

If you prefer to choose alternatives for Windows formatted NTFS drives, yes, you also have an Apple-native option. However, this alternative requests complicated steps and command-line knowledge. You can try it. But you need to do the data backup first!

Enable Mac Writing to NTFS Drive via Terminal

Step 1. Click the Finder icon from the dock > Choose the “Applications” from the left menu > Locate the Utility folder > Double-click the Terminal icon to open it.

Step 2. Make sure your NTFS drive is connected well.

Step 3. Type the following command line: sudo nano /etc/fstab

enable ntfs on mac via terminal 1

Then hit the Enter button.

Enter the password. The NTFS files will list on below.

Step 4. Continue to enter command line: LABEL=NAME none ntfs rw, auto, nobrowse (Replace the NAME with the name of your NTFS drive.)

enable nfts on mac via terminal 2

Step 5. Save changes and press Exit.

Press shortcut Ctrl+O and press enter to save.

Press Ctrl+X to exit.

Step 6. Reconnect the NTFS Drive on Mac.

Step 7. Click the Go tab > select "Go to Folder..."

Step 8. When the "Go to the Folder" window pops up, type "~/Volumes" on it.

enable ntfs on mac via terminal 3

Concluding Thoughts

In this article, we've talked about the risk of NTFS for Mac crack, and the advice to download the NTFS for Mac full version with a serial key. To protect your data and ensure the health of your Mac, believe EaseUS, it is safe to use the official version of NTFS for Mac software.