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How to Wipe a Hard Drive on a Dead Computer [Windows & Mac]

How to Wipe a hard drive on a dead computer? It may appear difficult but it is possible. Here is a complete guide on wiping data from the dead computers for both Windows and Mac.

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Updated by Tracy King on Oct 19, 2023
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When you sell your used computer, you should definitely wipe out the necessary files folder and partition with your confidential information. Many of us either wipe out the data by the default methods available in the system, or we use a third-party utility. However, there are some circumstances where your computer is completely dead due to any technical fault. Even if you try, it is still unable to go on. In such a situation, you most definitely wonder, "How do I wipe a dead hard drive?" Or "How to wipe a hard drive when my computer won't turn on?"

Workable Solutions Step-by-step Troubleshooting
Part 1. Wipe A Hard Drive on Dead Windows Method 1. Use EaseUS BitWiper on Windows...Full steps
Method 2. Reset PC from Boot Menu...Full steps
Part 2. Wipe Hard Drive on Mac Step 1. Unplug all the power sources. Flip your MacBook...Full steps

It's far riskier to sell a dead machine without even wiping it. Anyone can recover your important information and details, which could result in a bigger loss. To remove data from a dead computer, you'll need a second computer or a hard disc eraser that can erase data and ensure that you can't recover it. To ensure that no data is recovered, it is preferable to wipe a disk drive many times.

Is There A Way to Wipe A Hard Drive on Dead Computer

My laptop was not working well, so I planned to sell it away. I'm aware of the importance of erasing data before selling it. I attempted to switch on my laptop to wipe my data, but it could not turn on. I tried repeatedly hitting the power button, but my computer is now fully dead. I'm concerned about the confidential documents, files, and information saved in my system. How can I clean a hard drive on a dead computer?

It may appear that erasing data from a dead computer is difficult, but it is not! Both Windows and Mac users can wipe a hard drive on a dead computer. In this article, we will answer your question: "How to wipe a hard drive on a dead computer?" We will look at the methods you can opt for wiping out data from a dead computer for both Windows and Mac. So let's get into the details. 

Part 1. Wipe A Hard Drive on Dead Windows

On a dead computer, you have numerous options for data recovery. We'll start with one of the simplest and safest methods: erasing the data with a third-party Windows program. Then we'll take a look at Mac's default technique. Let's take a closer look at each strategy one by one.

Method 1. Use EaseUS BitWiper on Windows 

To wipe out data from your dead computer EaseUS BitWiper is a helpful utility, and this is a secure tool that ensures no data retrieval. EaseUS BitWiper is an effective solution to wipe your disks or partitions in several clicks. It is a reliable software that provides no data recovery and permanently deletes all your files, images, and partitions. 

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To wipe out data from a dead computer, you need to eject the hard drive and use it on a different computer.

Step 1. Run EaseUS BitWiper. Click the "Wipe Disk" tab.

wipe disk 1

Step 2. Select the targeted HDD or SSD to wipe.

Notice: Please make sure you have chosen the correct HDD or SSD. Once the wiping starts, your data is irrecoverable.

wipe disk 2

Step 3. Choose Wiping Method and click "Next."

Choose a suitable wiping method. Recommend EaseUS Secure Erase!

wipe disk 3

Step 4. Check the warning message and click "Wipe" to confirm.

wipe disk 4

Step 5. Wait for wiping finish and click "Done."

wipe disk 5

Some of the useful features that make EaseUS BitWiper preferable software among users are listed below: 

  • Permanently removes data from system and non-system disk (HDD and SSD) 
  • 100 Secure data removal 
  • Ensure no data recovery 
  • Restricted to windows 11/10/8.1/8/7, Server 2012-2022. 
  • Capable of erasing multiple partitions or disks at once 
  • High speed and simple method 

Method 2. Reset PC 

When your PC is completely dead, it is undoubtedly one of the most frustrating situations. You cannot even turn it on to see what exactly the problem is. The system is reset manually by opening the system and taking out the battery to fix this issue. Few systems come with easily detachable batteries, but some systems have a battery inside them, making the whole process a little tricky.

To reset your PC on Windows, below are the steps you can follow: 

Step 1. Begin with disconnecting all the devices from your laptop. It can be USB, external display, cables, etc. 

Step 2. Disconnect your system with an AC adapter too. 

Step 3. Now, safely remove the battery from your system. 

Remove battery from dead laptop

Step 4. Hold the power button to remove all the remaining residual power in the system.

Step 5. Place the battery back into the system.

Connect battery back to Windows PC

At times there is an issue with battery residual electrical charge, which often helps turn on the system.

Step 6. Reconnect your system AC adapter and plug it into power. If the problem was with power electrical residual, now the system will work perfectly well. 

Step 7. Reconnect and reinstall the battery into your system.

Step 8. Now, to Reboot your system, press the power button and your PC will be started. 

Step 9. To access Boot menu press f12 key on your system. Sometimes, you need to press it multiple times to go to Boot Menu system. 

Step 10. Here you can Choose which drive you want to Boot. 

Boot PC into boot menu

Step 11. Now click on Troubleshoot option.

Troubleshoot dead PC

Step 12. Click on Reset This PC to completely wipe the computer. 

Reset dead PC from bios

You would need to reinstall the Windows system to make the computer work fine again. 

Part 2. Wipe Hard Drive on Mac

We will look at the steps you can take to wipe the hard drive on a dead Mac. They are listed below:

Step 1. Unplug all the power sources. Flip your MacBook. With the help of a screwdriver, open the back cover. 

Step 2. Mac hard drives are usually in the bottom left corner. Locate hard drive in your Mac 

Step 3. You can see a black bar holding the hard drive. Unscrew the two black screws to remove the hard drive completely. 

Step 4. To lift the hard drive, pull the plastic tab 

Step 5. Carefully pull the black bar and detach it from the hard drive. The black bar will remain attached to the system, whereas you will have the hard drive removed from the system. 

take hard drive out of dead Mac

Step 6. Now, connect your hard drive with another Mac and start it. 

Step 7. Go to Disk Utility. 

Open Disk Utility

Step 8. Click on view and select Show All Devices 

Select dead mac hard drive

Step 9. Select your Mac drive. 

Step 10. Click on Erase.

Select to wipe dead Mac hard drive

To Sum Up

To summarize the discussion, erasing data from dead windows or Mac is difficult but not impossible. If you don't know how to wipe a hard drive on a dead computer [Windows & Mac], you can still do it easily.

We've discussed several methods for both Windows and Mac that you can use depending on your requirements, but we recommend EaseUS BitWiper. You can choose this option for your data wipeout because it is safe and secure. In only a few clicks, you can delete data permanently. Download it now from the official EaseUS website.

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