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How Do I Shred Word Document, Excel, PPT [2024 Guide]

Instead of emptying the recycle bin, shredding data can help you big time. You've come to the right platform for learning about how you can shred Word Documents, Excel Sheets, PPTS, and other files.

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Updated by Tracy King on Jan 04, 2024
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You must secure your documentation and other confidential material by shredding papers, particularly when it comes to legal and financial problems. Whenever it comes to computers and electronic data, the same rules apply. However, deleting files and emptying the trash bin is not enough to ensure confidential information is safe.

With this approach, anybody who gets their hands on your computer can recover the data using data recovery software. Hence, if you're worried about your passwords, contact information, or even bank cards slipping into the hands of someone else, discover how to shred files (Word documents, Excel, PPT) on Windows.

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Why Need to Shred Document, Excel, PPT?

It is mandatory to secure sensitive documents as they include the private information of your customers or your own. Some of us keep files containing our personal information such as bills, bank statements, social security numbers, addresses, and credit card details in vulnerable places, such as our basements or garages.

This may pose a danger to your identity and possibly cause a data breach in certain instances without caution.

Among other things, shredding data that are no longer needed may protect your interests in a variety of ways:

  • It is possible to protect yourself from identity theft since hackers might enter your Recycle Bin and steal your personal information.
  • Make room on your hard drive for other vital items by deleting unnecessary files.
  • To prevent your personal or commercial information from falling into the wrong hands, you should shred your files regularly.
  • By discarding classified papers, for example, you may increase client confidence.

Without a doubt, destroying data on your Windows 10 computer is critical. Consequently, if you're asking yourself, "How can I shred data on Windows 10?" Then there's no need to be concerned since you may quickly shred your data by choosing one of the following two options:

Can Deleting or Formatting Shred Word Document, Excel, PPT?

To shred a piece of data, which is often one or more individual files or folders, you must first pick the objects you want to delete and then shred just those items. In the same way as wiping entire drives erases data, shredding individual files overwrites data by overwriting the space with a sequence of 1s and 0s.

File shredder programs are a fast and secure way to delete files beyond recovery. It means that when you shred files using the file shredder software, they are entirely and permanently erased from your computer's hard drive.

For this reason, file shredder utilities are often installed and used to demolish data files that you're unable to remove otherwise. Sometimes, to make them more user-friendly, the software will be installed directly on your desktop, and everything you drag into it will immediately begin to shred.

If you've formatted a drive before, you might have had a misconception that it was the only method to delete the disk's contents. No matter which version of Windows you're using, a fast format is always just a clever technique of deleting- not erasing- the data currently stored on the hard disk.

As for the term "delete," when you delete anything from your computer, smartphone, digital camera, or any other device, you are not removing it from the root; instead, you are concealing it from yourself and your surroundings.

The actual data that makes up whatever you removed is still there. Still, the previously occupied space has been designated as a storage area where the operating system may begin storing new files to erase the old ones you previously deleted.

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Whether it's your personal information or the confidential information of your firm, maintaining its security is critical for you. Keeping documents on your computer that you no longer require is an open invitation to various security risks and vulnerabilities. Because of this, just as you would spring clean your house, it is advised that you shred unneeded files in Windows 10 and altogether remove them from the system.

There are several alternatives for shredding data from Windows 10/11 without leaving a tangible trail of evidence behind. So, let's take a closer look at each of those alternatives.

Manually removing or shredding data from your Windows 10 computer might take a significant amount of time and effort. In addition, it is not feasible to remove data from your computer until the Recycle Bin is cleaned out first. As a result, if you want to rapidly and securely shred data from your Windows 10 PC, the EaseUS BitWiper is an excellent choice for that.

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You can shred your files at any moment using the free and powerful EaseUS BitWiper program. This secure and efficient utility allows you to shred files or whole disks simply from Windows. It can shred files, folders, and entire drives from external and internal disks. Additionally, this utility can securely remove your data and thoroughly wipe off your drive in a matter of seconds with only a few clicks.

Main Features

  • Removing sensitive data from your Windows hard disk may be done safely using this utility.
  • Remove data from many drives or partitions at the same time.
  • With this high-speed data deletion program, you can save time.
  •  Provide wiping devices that meet government specifications.
  • Wipe files, an entire disk, or a specific partition from the hard drive permanently.

How to Shred Word Document, Excel, PPT On Your Own?

You've probably gathered a decent bit of information on shredding files and what exactly is the difference between deleting/formatting and shredding PDFs, Word Documents, etc. But think about the scenario if you mistakenly choose the wrong file and shred it using software or a tool.

You might not be able to recover it again. Therefore, we suggest you care about your Word, Excel, PPTs, and other files so that you might not end up shredding the file which you never wanted to in the first place.As mentioned above, EaseUS BitWiper should be your go-to software for shredding files. But how can you shred the files using this excellent third-party tool? Follow the steps below:

Step 1. Launch EaseUS BitWiper and click "File Shredder".

Select File Shredder

Step 2. Click "Add Files" to select the files you need to shred, or you can drag files, documents, images, music files, etc., into the center area.

Select files to shred

Step 3. Re-select files that you need to shred and click "Shred" to confirm.

Confirm to shred files

Step 4. The program will immediately shred all the selected files. When it finishes, click "Done".

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Now that you know everything about 'shredding' your documents and other files, it's time for the implementation. We have covered all the possible information you need about how to do it using the EaseUS BitWiper software. It offers many perks and excellent features that can help you shred documents, excel, ppt, and many other file formats securely.

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Windows 11/10/8/7100% Secure