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How to Change Font Size in PDF Fillable Form | 3 Methods

Jane Zhou updated on Sep 06, 2021 to PDF Editor Tutorials

If the font size is too small or big in your fillable PDF form, it is a must to change font size in fillable PDF form, so as to have a better experience while filling or reading it. However, changing font size on PDF form is not an easy task as PDF documents are hard to edit. So is it possible to reduce or increase font size in PDF forms?

Here we want to say, of course, Yes! You can change text size in your fillable PDF with some professional PDF form filler software. On this page, we are going to show you some tools and walk you through the steps on how to change font size in PDF fillable form. Just stick around to learn how to do this in less than a minute.

Workable Solutions Step-by-step Troubleshooting
Fix 1. Use EaseUS PDF Editor Launch this software on your PC. You can then import the PDF...Full steps
Fix 2. Try Adobe Reader If you don't have Adobe Acrobat, download it and install it...Full steps
Fix 3. Work with Preview Open a PDF fillable form on Mac. You don't need to install Preview...Full steps

How to Change Font Size in Fillable PDF Form with EaseUS PDF Editor

When it comes to changing PDF fillable form text size on Windows, you cannot miss EaseUS PDF Editor. A good thing about this PDF editor is that it has a user-friendly interface that can teach you to do all of the editing works and more in no time.

Just take its PDF form functions as an example. This program allows you to increase or decrease font size, create a fillable PDF form, fill in the form, or edit interactive PDF forms by adding push-button, check box, radio button, etc. In addition, with its help, you are even able to import and export the data with one simple click.

Except for being a PDF form editor, it is an excellent Windows PDF editor as well. With the tools available in this program, you edit most aspects of your PDF files:

EaseUS PDF Editor

  • Allow adding or removing watermark, or signature from PDFs
  • Edit PDF documents by splitting, merging, cropping, annotating, etc.
  • Password protect PDF for unauthorized viewing and copying
  • Convert PDF to other file formats or vice versa in one click
  • Reduce PDF size for later shaing 

With this said, if you are looking for a program that can help you change the font size and style of your PDF files, you must try this program! Once you try it, you will notice a solid and well-designed program that can open new doors in the PDF industry.

How to change font size in fillable PDF:

Step 1. Launch EaseUS PDF Editor on your PC. You can then import the PDF file you want to edit by clicking the "Open Files" button at the bottom left.

open pdf file

You can also click on the "File" button and select "Open" from the drop-down menu, and then import the PDF file.

open pdf

Step 2. There is an "Edit" option you need to choose. Then, select "Edit Text & Images" from the "Content Editing" tools.

edit text and image

Step 3. Drag your mouse to select the words of which you want to adjust the font size. On the right side of the user interface, there is an option under "Format". You can click on the option and select an appropriate size from the drop-down menu.

change font size

Step 4. Click on the "File" button and choose "Save" or "Save As" to export the edited PDF to your PC.

save files

How to Change Font Size in Fillable PDF with Adobe Reader

As one of the most popular PDF editing programs, Adobe Acrobat Reader is still a reliable way to edit the text in fillable PDF form. It provides various editing tools so that you can change the text color, style, and size with simple clicks. Moreover, Adobe Reader also lets you fill in and fill out PDF forms or edit your PDF files without hassle.  

How to change font size in fillable PDF form with Adobe:

Step 1. If you don't have Adobe Acrobat, download it and install it on your computer.

Step 2. Open Adobe Acrobat, go to "Home," and open the PDF you would like to edit.

Step 3. Go to the menu on your right. Click on "Tools." Then click on "Edit PDF" and then "Edit."

Main interface of Adobe Acrobat

Step 4. Select the text that you want to change in size.

Step 5. You will see a right-side "Format" panel, where you can select the font, font size, and other formatting options. Once you choose it, it will immediately edit your selected text.

How to Change Text Size in Fillable FDF with Preview on Mac

If you edit the PDF form on Mac, you don't need to download any PDF editing software because there is a program called Preview already integrated into your macOS by default. This software supports customizing font size in your fillable PDF form as you like. 

After you open the PDF file, you can access a wide variety of features that you can use to edit your PDF form. However, unlike the other programs mentioned before, you cannot fully edit a PDF file. The macOS Preview software allows you to display a variety of file formats in a simple way, and you can view, edit, convert and submit digital images and PDF documents with the aid of Preview.

How to change your font size on fillable form in Preview:

Step 1. Open a PDF fillable form on Mac. You don't need to install Preview since, by default, macOS will open any PDF with it.

Step 2. Go to "Tools" on the menu at the top, then click on "Annotate", and finally click on "Text." If you want to do this faster, you can click on the "T" icon from the Preview toolbar.

Change font size on fillable PDF in Preview

Step 3. You will see a new text box on the page. Just type plain text inside it and then click on the "A" icon to edit the font properties like size, color, and placement.

Final Words

Several programs can help you change font size in your fillable PDF forms. Whether you run Windows or macOS, you need to pick a program that can help you edit as much as you need in your PDF files. In this article, you learned in a couple of steps how to change font size in a PDF fillable form with the help of programs.

If you want to do this and more, try EaseUS PDF Editor. With this program, you will have several new tools at your disposal. There will no longer be any restrictions to what you can do with your PDFs.