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EaseUS DupFiles Cleaner is a tool for finding and removing duplicate files from your computer, including duplicate pictures, videos, audio, documents, and more. It helps to identify the duplicated files as well as to free up space on your hard drive.


The free version of EaseUS DupFiles Cleaner is able to scan, compare or preview the duplicate files. And purchasing the paid version allows removing the duplicate files without limitation.

To activate the software, please click Upgrade in the right corner, enter the license code and click Activate button. If you haven’t purchased a license code, click Buy Now.

Scan Option

The first step is to select the folders and file types to scan. You can remove the folder by clicking -, or add new ones by clicking +

If you highlight the green protect icon, the files in this location will only be compared. They cannot be selected for deletion.

The advanced scanning strategy can be customized by clicking the Advance icon in the left corner. It is possible to edit the minimum file size, comparison method, and time limits. Also, the system files, program files, and hidden folders can be skipped when the scan is processing.

Click Scan and the software will start finding the duplicate files. The scan time depends on how many files you have selected. Please wait patiently.

Preview and Remove Duplicates

A Duplicates Report is generated after the scan. The report shows the duplicate file number, file types, sizes, and other information. You can remove the duplicate files with one click, or preview the details.

In the Preview section, the software shows the list of duplicated files. You can scroll down to check them all.

When the file is highlighted, you can click the folder icon in the right corner to open its original folder directly.

Also, it is possible to list the files by types, such as Pictures, Videos, Documents, Archives, and Others.

The software offers Smart Selection feature which ticks the files with a one-click marking strategy. Alternatively, you can use the manual tagging strategies, like according to the modified date, created date, file name, file path, and so on.

After the files are ticked, apart from moving them to the Recycle Bin, you can also delete them permanently, or move them to a specified folder.

Feedback and support

We invite your comments on how well EaseUS DupFiles Cleaner performs, and we are also enthusiastic about replying to all your questions related to this product. Please feel free to contact us at:

[email protected]