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Full Guide to Track Someone Location with Phone Number [Free]

Daisy updated on Jul 20, 2023 | Home > Find360 - Location Tracker

Is something going on in your family that you must look into? Do you want to check whether your beloveds are into the wrong things or not? There are many techniques available to track locations; however, there are not many that allow users to track phone numbers secretly. This article will provide a guide on tracking location through phone numbers.

You need to go through the complete guide and details to figure out how to track someone's location with a phone number. We shall also review why this is necessary in today's world.

Is It Possible to Track a Phone with a Phone Number

It is entirely possible to track a phone with a phone number. Not many techniques offer users the ability to track someone without them knowing. Tracking someone through their phone number is one option that can be considered in this case. Before we get into how this is done, we must set a boundary by realizing the advantages and disadvantages of practicing this technique.

Advantages of Tracking Someone With Their Phone Number

  • Cellphone tracking allows you to check your child and their activities. Tracking their phone number helps you know if your child is up for some inappropriate activity.
  • Using the feature of tracking your friend through a phone number can help you determine their whereabouts at times. In other cases, you may also need this method to check if they are doing fine or not.
  • If you own a supply chain business, using such tracking techniques is necessary to be aware of whether your employees are performing their tasks on time.

Disadvantages of Tracking Someone With Their Phone Number

  • It must be realized that tracking someone with their phone number breaches their personal space and privacy, and the person tracking the other individual needs to be adequately understood.

Once you know the advantages and disadvantages of tracking phone numbers, it is time to understand how this is done perfectly. We shall now look ahead to the methods to help users track one's location through phone numbers. This includes going through an IMEI tracker or using a third-party service to obtain results.

Not only this, but we will also focus on using EaseUS Find360 for tracking the phone location. This platform works perfectly across iPhone as well as Android devices. You can consider using this specific tool for optimal results if you are not into different conventional techniques.

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How to Track One's Location with Phone Number

Have you figured out that it is easy to track phone numbers? With that, we will now look into three appropriate and exemplary methods that can be used to track someone through their phone number.

  1. Method 1. Using Whitepages
  2. Method 2. Caller ID Name (CNAM) Lookup
  3. Method 3. Use an IMEI Tracker

Method 1. Using Whitepages

The first method to track phone numbers can be the official platform of Whitepages. Many public records exist across the internet; however, not many provide the option of accessing the details of an individual through the phone number. Not only does the platform return the person's details, but it also gets hold of the person's location, making it a good phone number locator.

To know more about Whitepages, we shall look across the simple set of steps of finding someone's location through their phone number:

Step 1. Open the official website of Whitepages on your browser and lead to the "Reverse Phone" section from the top.

access reverse phone tool

Step 2. Add the phone number of the individual you want to search about, and click on "Search". The platform returns information related to the individual, including their location.

tap on the search button

Method 2. Caller ID Name (CNAM) Lookup

If unsatisfied with the results provided by Whitepages, you can go for a Caller ID Name (CNAM) Lookup service. This service acts as a free phone number locator that provides the user with precise location details of the user searching for details of another person. While providing information on the location of the individual, it also returns some other essential details about the person, such as their name, state, etc.

What if you want to search for a person through a CNAM Lookup? We have mentioned the essential steps that should be practiced to search for a user's location using the platform:

Step 1. Open the official website of the CNAM Lookup on your browser. Now, type in the telephone number of the individual you want to search for. After that, click on "Lookup number" after providing the details.

start the lookup process

Step 2. The complete details about the searched individual will be displayed on the screen.

Method 3. Use an IMEI Tracker

CNAM Lookup might not work if the person you are searching for uses a dedicated blocker for it. In such cases, you need to be aware of a conventional technique that provides you with the details of the person’s location through their phone number. The IMEI tracker is an excellent method that can act as a significant phone number locator-free service. It uses the 15-number unique number to return details about the device and the person holding it.

If you wish to search for a person through their IMEI, you first need to figure out how you can access the IMEI number. For this, look ahead to access the IMEI number of any device:

For iPhone Users:

Step 1. Open your iPhone's "Settings " and proceed to the "General" settings. Find the "About" option in the next window and proceed to the next screen.

tap on about option

Step 2. Scroll down to find the option of "IMEI number". Save the number for further use.

check your iphone imei numbers 

For Android Users:

Step 1. Lead to the "Settings" of your Android device and find the "About phone" settings in the list of options.

click on about option

Step 2. Select the "All specs" option to access the IMEI number and lead to the next screen.

access all specs

Step 3. Select the option of "Status" and find the IMEI number in the list of information provided on the next screen. Save the IMEI number with yourselves.

locate android imei numbers  

Guide to Track the Location using IMEI

Once you have the IMEI number with you, you can now use the IMEI tracker to search the location of the individual at any time. Go through the steps to know more about the procedure:

Step 1. Open the online IMEI tracking facility on the browser. Next, type in the IMEI number saved and click on "Search".

initiate the imei scan

Step 2. The platform returns with the information about the device you are searching for, including its location.

Track Phone Location with EaseUS Find360


Are you not satisfied with the techniques provided above for searching the location of an individual? Not only would you feel confused over the results provided through these methods, but the accuracy of the results is heavily questionable.

Location Tracker Location Tracker

This is where EaseUS Find360 provides a cohesive solution in the form of a real-time location tracking facility. While the service is available for iPhone and Android users, it covers the need to search locations in a highly controlled environment. As it promotes convenience, this phone number locator holds an exceptional reputation among users for providing the right location for the searched individual.

Highlighting Features of EaseUS Find360

  • It provides the phone status of the family members.
  • Find360 features a characteristic of returning the complete location history of the searched person.
  • It offers check-in services for notifying you when you reach essential locations.
  • Includes the option of enabling customized notifications about any specific event related to the person being searched.
  • You can share your location with the app.


We have gone through extensive detail about different phone number locator free services available in the market. Although they can return you with the location of the person you are searching for, they are still not recommended due to their inaccuracy. In such circumstances, EaseUS Find360 is a better option that helps users find someone's location with ease.