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Full Guide to Share Live Location [2022 Update]

Cedric updated on Sep 21, 2022 to Find360 - Location Tracker

Live location sharing is quite helpful in figuring out the current position of any individual. With the development of smartphones, the utility involving location sharing has greatly enhanced. iPhone and Android devices now provide the option of sharing locations with ease.

For this article, we shall be reviewing the methods that would help users how to share the live location across iPhone and Android, likewise. Go through these methods to understand the concept of live location sharing and how helpful it actually is.

What Is Live Location Sharing

Before we proceed to the live location sharing methods and their accessibility, we shall first understand the basic concept of live location sharing. Such a form of location sharing provides users with the ability to share their real-time location with a consistent update if the person is commuting. Considering you have a commodity to be delivered at your address, live location sharing is quite helpful in awarding you the option of knowing where the commodity is currently at.

Along with that, you can also use live location as a way to check where your child is. With such scenarios in your mind, you can understand why location sharing is vital in the modern world. There are many ways available to share live location; however, users always prefer those which are the best in the business.

Being an iPhone and Android user, you always look for a service that helps you look across a location with ease. We will understand how a user can share their live location. With an overview of the potential methods that can be used to share the live location, we will also recommend EaseUS Find360, an intuitive platform used to share location easily across both iPhone and Android devices.

How to Enable Live Location Sharing

To start with the process, we will be reviewing some basic methods and techniques that can be used for live location sharing. With the help of these techniques, you can figure out how to easily share the live location on iPhone and Android. Following this, we shall also assert our focus across, a progressive alternative for effective location sharing.

  1. Method 1. Share with Google Maps on Android
  2. Method 2. Share with "Find My iPhone" on iPhone

Method 1. Share with Google Maps on Android

Google Maps is quite effective in viewing and sharing locations across Android devices. With the effective utility, the platform provides users with the option of sharing location with ease. Not only does the platform promises ease of use, but it also ensures the best of services in mapping locations. While sharing location across your Android using Google Maps, there are certain things to remember.

Google Maps allows users to share their location for more than 24 hours; however, it requires age verification. This is where the age limit of 13 years comes to light, as users under this age cannot participate in locating sharing through Google Maps. To understand how it is done, go through the simple step-by-step guide providing an insight to live location sharing with Google Maps:

Step 1. Open Google Maps on your Android device and sign in, if required. Following this, you need to tap on the profile icon on the top-right section of the screen.

tap on the profile icon

Step 2. Select the option of "Location sharing" in the provided list and click "Share location" to start the process.

select location sharing option

Step 3. With a new window opening up on the front, set the time parameters that you want to set for live location sharing. Select any specific Google Contact that you want to share the location with.

specify time for location sharing

Method 2. Share with "Find My iPhone" on iPhone

Being an iPhone user, you always look for the best option available across the device. Rather than going for any third-party solution, you would always try out the built-in applications for the purpose. Find My iPhone provides the users with the option of sharing their location with users. While it caters to a straightforward technique of sharing locations, it also allows users to set up the dedicated name of any location that they are frequently visiting.

Find My iPhone is a proficient application providing services in multiple departments. By providing locations, it also offers users the ability to control their devices through the platform. Not only is it great for viewing locations, but it is also the perfect tool to locate your lost iOS devices. To understand how you can share your live location with Find My, go through the detailed steps featured below:

Step 1. Open the "Find My" application on your iPhone and proceed to select the "People" tab from the panel across the home screen.

access the people tab

Step 2. Select the "Start Sharing Location" option to initiate the process. Type in the name or phone number of the individual with whom you want to share the location. Tap on "Send".

tap on start sharing location button  

Step 3. Specify the time of sharing the location with the user. You can either select "One Hour", "Until End of Day", or "Share Indefinitely" as per your requirements. Select "OK" to conclude the process of sharing the live location.

choose the time duration

Bonus Tip: Share Live Location with EaseUS Find360

What to do if you are unsatisfied with the services offered by Google Maps or Find My? Limitations such as that of the age across Google Maps make the tool relatively inefficient in utility. This is where EaseUS Find360 comes as the perfect tool for sharing the live location across your Android or iPhone. If you are in search of indefinite ease, EaseUS Find360 is the ideal option that you can think of.

Not only the tool offers real-time location tracking, but it also provides unlimited access to the location history of any individual with your family that is added within the system. With other progressive features such as customized personal notification over any special update, EaseUS Find360 is the perfect app you can get access to. We will be looking across some essential vital features that make EaseUS Find360 an excellent tool to try, regardless of being an Android or an iPhone user.

Prominent Features of EaseUS Find360

  • Check-in across famous places whenever visited.
  • Provides Individual Driver Report to figure out how the person is doing behind the wheels.
  • Features an Automatic Crash Detection facility allowing users to protect the passengers and respond to car crashes quickly.
  • Creates a family circle to keep all family members in the loop through a single application.
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Live Location Sharing FAQs

The article has presented extensive knowledge about live location sharing through multiple platforms. We will now look across some important questions that should be answered related to sharing live locations through devices:

Q1. How can you tell if someone is sharing your location?

Whenever a location is shared with another individual, they are appropriately notified if the shared location gets active.

Q2. What is the difference between sharing location and live location?

There is a significant difference between sharing a location and using a live location facility. Whenever a user shares a location, it can be a constant spot or check-in across a specified location that the user has visited at some instant. On the other hand, live location is a real-time location overview of the device that is being used to share the location.

Q3. How to use live location sharing on WhatsApp?

If you want to use the live location feature across WhatsApp, you need to follow the procedure provided as follows:

For Android

  • Open the specific chat with whom you want to share the location.
  • Click on the "Attachments" icon and select "Location" from the options.
  • Proceed to click on the "Share Live Location" option and specify the time for sharing the location.
  • Tap "Send" to share the location with the specified user.

For iPhone

  • You need to open a chat across your iPhone and tap on the "+" icon.
  • Click on the "Location" option and select the "Share Live Location" button to share the live location with the user.
  • Specify the time for sharing the location and tap on the "Send" icon to conclude the process.

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The article has featured a clear overview of how a user can easily use the live location sharing feature across their Android and iPhone. With the primary methods that any user can try to share live location, this article has also provided them with a perfect option of trying EaseUS Find360 for sharing live location with better control and utility.

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