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The PDF Pages management tools are grouped under "Pages". You can hit the button and find more tools on the right sidebar.

Manage PDF Pages

Insert From File: You can append other PDF files to the current document and choose where the pages will be added.


Insert Blank Page: Insert a blank page to any part of the document you want and set how many pages you want to add.


Delete: Specify the page(s) that you want to delete from the whole document.


Extract: You can extract specific pages with this function. There are four ways for extracting pages.

1) Click "Extract", type the page numbers only, you will get extracted files in a new document, and those pages will still be kept in the original file.

2) Click "Extract", type the page numbers, and choose "Delete Pages After Extracting", you will get the original file without the extracted pages, and a new file containing all extracted pages.

3) Click "Extract Pages As Separate Files" after typing the pages, you will get one or more PDF documents, each one contains one page extracted from the original file. And the chosen pages will still be in the original file.

4) Choose both options in the window of "Extract Pages", you will get separate files in method 3 and the original PDF without the extracted pages.


Replace: Once you hit the "Replace" button, you will need to choose a document first. After that, you can choose the page(s) you want to replace under "Original" and then adjust the range of the pages you want to insert. Note: if you just want to replace one page, just set the page number behind "Replace pages" the same as the one behind "To".


Split Document: Easily split PDF documents by the number of pages, file size, and top-level bookmarks. If you want to split the file into several pages, each of which contains less than 10 pages, then you can split by setting the max pages to 10. The "File Size" mode allows you to split the file and keep each split document under a certain file size. Moreover, after you set the method, you can batch split the files in the same way by clicking "Apply to Multiple".


Crop: Drag a rectangle on the page you want to keep, and then double click inside the cropping rectangle to open the Crop Pages dialog box. In the box, you can customize the selected area. Note that the numbers beside "Top, Bottom, Left, Right" mean the distance between the selected area border to the document border. And if you want to crop in batch, you can set page range and the program will crop the selected pages according to your needs.

Rotate: Customize the rotation direction and specify the page range that you want to rotate permanently.


To temporarily change the page view, please select "View" > "Rotate View" > "Clockwise" or "Counterclockwise". The original page orientation will be restored the next time you open the PDF.

Combine: Additionally, if you desire to combine multiple PDF files into one, you can access this feature from the starter interface. To do it, simply click "Combine PDF" button. After that, a window will pop up. From there, hit the "Add Files…" button on the top left of the window and select "Add Files…" or "Add Folder…" for combining. Once you’ve selected files, you can then see the files displayed in the list and move up/down to any file as you wish. Lastly, you can click "OK" to confirm.


 Adjust Page Design

Header & Footer: You can add, update and remove the header and footer of your document. A variety of settings are provided when customizing the appearance of the header and footer, including position, font, etc.


In this way, you can also insert a page number to a PDF file. By choosing a position for the page number and then clicking "Insert Page Number". Hit "OK" to save your modification. You can use the same way to insert dates. And if you want to set which page(s) to show the header and footer, you can go to "Page Range Options…". "Page number and date format" allows you to choose the way that page numbers and dates are displayed.


Background: You can choose color or a certain page of the file as background and adjust its rotation, opacity, position, and other settings. In this way, you can change or add PDF backgrounds. Plus, you're given options to update and remove backgrounds.


Watermark: You can easily add text or files as a watermark and customize its appearance and position. If needed, you can update and remove watermarks as well.


Bates numbering: Two options are provided under this feature, you can either add or remove bates numbering. Adding Bates numbering, your files will be added the same type of number in batch and the number is continuous, so the number of the first page in the second file will be after the number of the last page in the first document. And you can move up/down or remove a certain file to let the documents be numbered in the order you want. After you select the files, click "OK" and you will see a window. You can type a text header or footer, so all the files selected will be added to the same header or footer. To insert bates number, click "Insert Bates Number…" and enter the elements you need.