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Navigate a PDF

EaseUS PDF Editor provides flexible page view modes making it a simple task to view any PDF files on your computer. You can use this as your default PDF reader.

View PDF

The program offers "Read Mode" for eBook lovers. You can click "View" to enable "Read Mode" to read the file or right-click to activate this mode.


Apart from "Read Mode", you can also choose "Full Screen" Mode to view a PDF document. (To exit the full-screen reading mode, you just need to press the "Esc" key).

And you can use the navigation bar at the bottom of the page to set the page to be displayed in Tile or to fit one full page to the window.


Page Layout

Navigating to "View" > "Page Display", you can easily set the desirable page layout for reading your PDF files. For example, you can select a single page view, two page view, two page scrolling, automatic scrolling, etc. Besides, this program also supports a rotating page view in a clockwise or counterclockwise direction.


Zoom in/out

This PDF editor also enables you to adjust page magnification with the Zoom feature. Simply go to "View" on the toolbar and select "Zoom" from the menu. It offers a wide selection of page zoom levels including "Fit Width", "Fit Visible", "Zoom to Page Level" and many more. Plus, you can also directly choose your magnification percentage which ranges from 8% to 6400%.


The Marquee Zoom tool works by dragging a rectangular region on the page around the portion that you want to magnify. Or you can simply click this tool to increase the magnification, which centers on the point where you clicked. To decrease the zoom level, please press Ctrl and click the tool.

And if you use Marquee Zoom and want to exit this feature, you can move your mouse to the navigation bar and then click the pointer icon to quit the tool.



EaseUS PDF Editor also provides ways for users to navigate between different pages in "Page Navigation". You can quickly go to the first page, last page, previous page, or any specific page with this function. What’s more, at the bottom of the program, the navigation bar allows quick access to find a certain page number and go to that page.


The navigation panel located on the left side of the main interface also provides easy access to various pages, and you can preview the thumbnail of each page with it.



You may also want to go to a certain chapter by clicking the bookmark to jump straight to that point. In that case, you need to take advantage of the bookmark tool. It is also on the left side of the window, but sometimes it is not visible. Then, you need to right-click the button to show the navigation panel.


Actually, "Show/Hide" can also work for rulers, toolbars and menu bars, etc.

Compress PDF

EaseUS PDF Editor can also help you reduce your file size. There are two solutions for you. The easier method is to go to "Compress" > "Reduce File Size", choose a storage place, and it will compress your PDF. If you want to reduce the file size with a professional tool that can compress much more space for your file, you can go to "Compress" > "Optimize current document" to use PDF Optimizer to reduce file size. You can refer to the guide on how to use PDF Optimizer.



If you enable the navigation panel, you will see a bookmark icon. You can click it to see bookmarks in the document and navigate to the bookmarked page. What's more, you can add or remove bookmarks. To add a bookmark, go to the page you want to add as a bookmark and click the icon beside the recycle bin icon in the bookmark panel. After that, you can name the bookmark. If you want to change the order of a bookmark, you can right-click the bookmark to cut it, then right-click another bookmark where you want to put the cut bookmark to, and choose "Paste after Selected bookmark". To add a sub bookmark, you can cut the bookmark, right-click the other bookmark where you want to insert it, and choose "Paste under Selected bookmark". To delete a bookmark, just select it and then use the recycle bin tool to remove it.


Default PDF Reader

For people who often work with PDFs, you may want to set this great Adobe Acrobat alternative as your default PDF reader. Of course, you can use the Windows solution to set the default reader. But within our program, there is an easier way to do that. Just go to "Help" on the top of the program and click "Set to Default PDF Reader".



With the Print function, you can do more than just print PDF files. When you choose "EaseUS PDF Editor Printer" as the printer, you can take the advantage of "Print in grayscale(black and white)" to turn a colorful PDF into a black and white PDF.


With the "Poster" option under "Page Sizing & Handling", you can split a PDF page into two or more parts.

Please note that you need to click "Print" to generate a black and white PDF or a split PDF.