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Edit a PDF

This software also comes with a variety of editing options. You can directly hit "Edit" on the toolbar to edit content and add links.


You can choose "Edit Text & Image" to modify the text and images of the original document. If you wish to add text to any part of the page, you can hit "Add Text".

If it’s necessary, you can also adjust the font, size, color of text or even add an underline or bold or italicize the font text style.



With the "Add Image" feature, you could insert images to a PDF and change its position, orientation and size.



 Insert links

When editing PDF, you can directly paste a link into the text. When you read the file, and put the mouse to the link, you can jump to that webpage.


If you want to add a rectangle link, you can do as follow: click "Links" > "Insert Rectangle Link", then drag a rectangle region on the page. Once it's done, a window will appear asking you to customize the appearance of the link and select the destination.


Let's take "Go to a page view" as an example. After you set the appearance, click "Go to a page view" (It is the default choice, if you have never used the insert rectangle link feature before, you don't need to click this option). Hit the "Next…" button, then you can scroll down the file to a certain position, then click "Set here".