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Add Protection

With this function, you can secure your file with a password or remove a security password.

Add a Password to a PDF

Choose "Protection" > "Encrypt with Password" and you can protect your PDF documents by adding a password to limit access to a PDF. This can also restrict certain features, such as printing and editing. Basically, there are two kinds of passwords that could be used to encrypt the file which is document open password and permission password.


Document Open password: A password is required to enter when opening a PDF file each time.

Permission password: Using a permission password, you can open PDF file without any password, however, a password is required when changing permission settings. Plus, you can restrict printing, editing, signing and copying content in the PDF. And if you opened a document with permissions password, you need to go to "Protection" > "Encrypt with Password" to enter the password first, and then you can start doing the password required actions.


And please note that the two types of passwords cannot be the same.


Remove Password Security

To remove security from a PDF file, you must have the permission and password to do so. If your document is encrypted with permission password, but you forget the password, then you can’t remove security with any PDF editors.


Once you open the PDF, you can forward to "Protection" > "Remove Security" button, type the permission password and then remove password security.

Using this method, you will remove both Document Open password and Permissions password. If you just want to disable permissions password, you can enter the password to go to "Encrypt with Password" to disable and click "OK".

Please note that, changes will be not applied to the document until you save the file again.