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How to Link PDF to a Specific Page

Jane Zhou updated on Aug 27, 2021 to PDF Editor Tutorials

If you create a PDF and want to ensure the readers can immediately access the related information on other pages, the best way is to add a hyperlink.

Linking to a page in PDF can help readers jump to other locations quickly in the same document, however, you may don't know how to deal with the problem. So if you are wondering how to link PDF to a page, this post will guide you through the steps with 3 reliable PDF editing programs.

Method 1. How to Link to a Page in PDF Using Adobe Acrobat

As the most popular PDF editor, Adobe Acrobat can meet almost all your needs for PDF editing. This program allows you to add hyperlink to PDF in a quick way. As for linking to a PDF page, it is just a piece of cake. If you don't know how to get it done, take a look at the following tutorial:

Step 1. Import the PDF file into Adobe Acrobat.

Step 2. In the top toolbar, click on "Tools" > "Edit PDF" > "Link" > "Add or Edit" button in turn.

Step 3. Scroll through your PDF to find the area you want to create a hyperlink, then drag a rectangle to select it.

Step 4. Then a Create Link dialog box will appear, and you will see three options: Go To A Page View, Open A File, and Open A Web Page. For linking to a specific page in your PDF, you should choose the first option – "Go To A Page View".

Link to a page in pdf adobe acrobat

Step 5. Once selected, click "Next" to set the page number and view the PDF, then click "Set Link". At last, do not forget to save your edited PDF file to your computer.

Method 2. How to Hyperlink to a Specific Page in a PDF with Soda PDF

Apart from Adobe Acrobat, Soda PDF also has a good reputation on the market. This program makes it possible to edit PDF files, whether online or offline. With its help, you can change any element within the PDF file, such as add image to PDF, change the orientation of PDFs, and so on. Or it enables you to sign or compress your PDF document with ease. For set a hyperlink to a certain page in PDF, you can get help from the below tutorial:

Step 1. Download and install Soda PDF on your computer, then open your desired PDF document with it.

Step 2. Click on the "EDIT" button in the top toolbar. Next, select the "Link" option to add hyperlinks to your PDF file.

Step 3. Move your cursor to select the text or image where your link will be placed. Then the Add Action window will pop up, and you can select to link to a webpage, a file, or a certain page. Here we choose the "Go to Page" button.

PDF link to a page

Step 4. Scroll through the PDF document with your mouse wheel. When arriving at your desired page, click on it. You will see a confirmation in the "Add Action" window and click "ADD".

Step 5. Preview your PDF file, and you can export and save it when you are satisfied with it.

Method 3. How to Create a Link to Specific Page in PDF with EaseUS PDF Editor

Adobe Acrobat and Soda PDF will assist you in creating a link to a certain page in your PDFs, but both are expensive, and it is a little hard to use for beginners. Given that, in this section, we would like to share with you an affordable alternative – EaseUS PDF Editor.

This is a newly released PDF editing program, which is designed for Windows users. With its help, you are able to modify your PDFs as you want. This PDF tool allows adding, replacing, and removing text from PDF in no time, and it also enables you to convert and manage your PDF effortlessly like below:

  • Create a PDF from more than 10 formats or vice versa
  • Rotate, cut, delete, split, and merge PDF pages at once
  • Add or remove watermark from PDF files
  • Password protect PDF document from unauthorized viewing and copying

Speaking of linking to a specific page in PDF, you can check the below tutorial. But first, download and install this PDF editing program.

Step 1. Download and launch this program on your Windows PC. Then click "File" > "Open" to import the PDF file. Or you can directly press Ctrl + O on the keyboard to upload PDF.

Open PDF file

Step 2. When the PDF document is imported, click "Edit" in the top toolbar and choose "Links" > "Insert Rectangle Link" in the right sidebar.

Add link to pdf

Step 3. Navigate to the content in your PDF and select the area where you want to create a link. Once done, a pop window will appear, and click on "Go to a page view".

Select go to a page view

Step 4. Scroll the current document to choose your desired page. After that, click "Set Here". At last, click "File" > "Save" to export the edited PDF file.

PDF link to a specific page

Wrap up

These three methods we mentioned above can help you link to a specific page in your PDF document, and you can pick anyone based on your needs.

For those people who want to find an all-in-one PDF editing program, we recommend EaseUS PDF Editor as the first choice. Whether you want to view, create, edit, convert, or manage your PDFs, this Windows PDF editor can make them easy.