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How to Clear PDF Forms Data in Two Easy Ways

Vanessa Chiang updated on Aug 05, 2021 to PDF Editor Tutorials

The use of the right PDF editor can play an important role in clearing PDF form data. Besides that, a good PDF editor supports adding various PDF forms to PDF files as well as improving the editing of the PDF files. Many PDF editors are available in the market, both free and priced, and it is advisable to check them and make the decision accordingly. 

Two PDF editors stand out from their competitors through many tests, and they are Adobe Acrobat and EaseUS PDF Editor. When you need to clear the PDF form and fill it out renewedly, don't hesitate to try those two programs. This post will give you some essential information about the two and offers you step-by-step tutorials of resetting PDF form data using those two applications. 

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How to Clear PDF Form with EaseUS PDF Editor

EaseUS PDF Editor is one of the most convenient PDF editors that can be used to create and make changes to PDF forms. It comes with advanced options for creating PDF forms, ranging from Push Buttons, Radio Buttons to Combo Boxes. This software not only enables you to customize the properties of those forms, but you can also reset the PDF form to clear the data, import PDF form data, and export the data.

With its help, you can make a fillable PDF file and send it to people from who you want to collect the information. When you get the PDFs back, all you need to do is export and process the PDF form data. In addition to that, you can even convert PDF documents to other formats easily. For instance, you can convert a PDF to Excel and manage the content easily.

Some other features have made EaseUS PDF Editor a popular choice among users.

Key Features:

  • Edit texts and images of a PDF document
  • Rotate, split, crop, or merge PDF documents
  • Add or remove PDF watermarks
  • Manage multiple PDF files by adding bates numbers
  • Rearrange PDF pages and add page numbers

All its advanced but easy-to-use functions make it a great choice for users of any level. If it's helpful for you, click on the button to download it now.

How to Clear PDF Form Data Using EaseUS PDF Editor:

Step 1. Open the PDF with the form you want to clear. Click on "File" > "Open" to do that. Or you can create a new PDF on which you can add various PDF forms.

import PDF

Step 2. Select the "Forms" option on the top, and there will be some types of forms in the right sidebar. If you want to add any of them to the PDF, you only need to select it and click on the PDF. Then, save the edited PDF file and open it renewedly. The fillable PDF form will appear on the PDF.

select form

Step 3. You can fill out the PDF forms easily, including "Check Box", "List Box", "Text Field", etc. When you want to clear PDF form, there is a "Reset Form" button in the "Form Data" section, then click on it to clear the unnecessary form data.

clear form

Step 4. Now, you can fill in new data to the form. Or you can directly save the PDF by clicking on "File" > "Save"/"Save As".

How to Clear PDF Form Data with Adobe Acrobat

Adobe Acrobat is indeed one of the full-service PDF editing applications. No matter what type of modification you need to make to the form, Adobe Acrobat can do it without hassle. It has extensive tools that will quickly scan the data and make it available for editing. You can easily clear the PDF form with several clicks, and it also supports adding a button that allows people to reset PDF forms directly.

Adobe Acrobat is very simple to use and is available for both Windows PC and Mac. Even a beginner will face no problem while working with Adobe Acrobat. Unlike other PDF editors, Adobe Acrobat does not have a trial feature. Hence, you will need to proceed with the premium plan itself, which is expensive. The annual subscription to Adobe Acrobat costs around $180. But, since Adobe is one of the most secure platforms that allows easy conversion of data, it's worth trying despite the high price. 

What followed are the features of Adobe Acrobat that make it one of the greatest PDF editors.


  • High-functioning OCR
  • Better annotation and editing function
  • Editing data in scanned tables
  • Compatible with many kinds of devices

Steps to Reset PDF Form Data Using Adobe Acrobat:

Step 1. Launch the Adobe Acrobat software, click on "File", and select the PDF form you want to clear.

Step 2. Once the form opens, go to "Tools" and then select "Prepare Form".

Step 3. Click on "More" in the right-hand pane and select "Clear Form". 

acrobat clear form

Step 4. Then, the PDF form data will be erased. 

Those steps above are straightforward even for beginners. However, there's an easier way too to clear data. You only need to type "Clear" in the search field given in the "Tools" window, then select the data to be cleared and click on the confirmation dialogue box. 

The Bottom Line

Although many PDF editing tools support adding or removing PDF forms, only powerful ones can process PDF form data without effort. Among all the capable PDF editors, EaseUS PDF Editor and Adobe Acrobat are the most feature-packed ones. However, the complex user interface and the high price of Acrobat make it unsuitable for some novices. If you want to process the PDF form data with an easy-to-use and cost-efficient program, EaseUS PDF Editor is the best choice.